Let us provide you with a truly pleasurable dental experience. Our state-of-the-art technology and modern office design in Downtown Fullerton ensure that your visit will be a memorable one. The primary goal of our friendly staff is to make you feel at home while in the office and have you leave with a radiant smile.

We take great pride in striving to make your dental treatment reflect your needs and concerns. We will always recommend a conservative approach to achieve the most natural, esthetic and long-lasting results. Let us unlock the beautiful and natural smile that lies within you!

We guarantee that you will love the luxurious experience that awaits you at M Dental Group- from our memory foam dental chairs, to the most advanced 3D X-Ray system available today. Our mission is to provide you with the best in dental health while esthetically enhancing your natural smile.

Languages spoken at M Dental: English, Korean, Spanish

Our Dental Technologies that set us apart

    • Our hi-tech digital x-ray machine will wow you with its panoramic and 3D features. It is extremely quick and pain-free, and uses less radiation, making it a healthier choice for you. This advanced technology allows our staff to make precise anatomical measurements and in-depth diagnostics. Each operatory at M Dental Group is fully equipped with an X-ray machine ready to use while a patient is in the chair.

    • Our CEREC machine allows us to restore damaged teeth in a shorter period of time. This method begins with a digital impression of your teeth using a special camera that will then generate a 3D model. This allows the Drs. Kim to design, fabricate and fit a new customized crown, onlay, or inlay in a single office visit. Furthermore, the porcelain used to make these restorations closely match the composition of natural tooth structure.

    • An attachment placed on a hand piece used to remove cavities, the oscillating tip does exactly what its name states. It allows for a more conservative approach when removing cavities on areas adjacent to other teeth. This is because the oscillating motion gives precise cuts on the effected tooth without harming the enamel of an adjacent tooth.

  • SONICFILL by Kerr
    • Sonicfill technology makes a posterior composite filling treatment faster because it causes the composite material to become less thick when filling the prepped tooth. While it is less viscous, the composite has precise adaptation to the cavity walls. Then, after a few seconds, the viscosity increases back to its original state, making it ideal for sculpting and contouring.

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