Straight teeth are an essential part of a perfect smile. Orthodontics is the best way to straighten teeth and fix bite inaccuracies. If your bite is not correctly aligned, you may suffer from multiple problems including headaches, faulty hearing, and teeth grinding leading to enamel loss. M Dental Group serves patients seeking braces in Orange County and the surrounding areas. We utilize many different methods to meet the individual needs of our patients.

  • Traditional Braces

    The most economical and effective treatment plan for long-lasting results is traditional braces. We offer both metal braces and porcelain (white) braces that attach to the teeth, eventually aligning them properly. This orthodontic treatment can be significantly faster than the other methods, though less esthetically pleasing because the brackets are placed on the front of the teeth. However, porcelain braces, also known as white braces, are less visible.
    We use traditional braces for candidates of 3-month braces treatment.
  • Child Braces Procedure

    Now that you're ready for braces, we'll need some information to create a plan especially for you. We'll take photographs of your full face and profile, x-rays to show the position of the teeth and roots, and an impression of your teeth.
    Child Braces Procedure
  • Molar Uprighting Procedure

    When a tooth next to a molar is missing, the molar can tilt into the empty space, causing a host of problems. As the molar tips into the space, it can cause the gum tissue to fold. The area can be difficult to clean which will increase your risk of decay and gum disease.
    Molar Uprighting Procedure
  • Alternatives to Orthodontics

    If your teeth are crooked, gapped, or out of alignment, there are several options that might be right for you. Based on your specific needs, you may try bridges, implants, crowns, veneers, bonding or braces.
    Alternatives to Orthodontics


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